49ers Black Memorial Helmet Decals: 2007 & 2011 seasons?

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49ers Black Memorial Helmet Decals: 2007 & 2011 seasons?

Post  DVD83 on Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:53 pm

Just a suggestion to inlcude these for the respective seasons, as I see the Gene Upshaw decal is included for all teams for week 1 of the 2008 season, it would only be appropriate to also show that the team honored Bill Walsh with a black "BW" decal for the 2007 season and two black "34" and "35" football decals for Joe "the Jet" Perry and John Henry Johnson for the 2011 season:


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Re: 49ers Black Memorial Helmet Decals: 2007 & 2011 seasons?

Post  Bill Schaefer on Wed Jul 11, 2012 3:52 pm

Thanks. Several others have asked us about including helmet decals. I believe someone inquired several months ago about memorial decals on Browns' helmets.

The situation is that we made the decision at the outset of the site that we would include all jersey patches and memorials only. Because of the location at the back of the helmets combined with the 2-D design we employ, it would be very difficult to include these. Your first 2 photos also show part of the problem. The one helmet on the ground has the "BW" decal directly above the NFL Shield. The second photo shows it above and to the right of the Shield.

If memory serves me right, I believe the only helmet memorial we've included was the Eagles 'black-tape on the wing' memorial for Doug Scovil back in '89 as it is easier to display on the 2-D helmet.

The other reason we've avoided including the helmet decals is...where do we stop? Some players wear American flags in various places. Players may include the NFL Shield. There's also the "Warning Disclaimer" that says something to the effect that the helmets "do not provide adequate protection etc etc." The final problem is with helmet numbers. Some teams like the Steelers place the player's numbers to either side of the helmet stripe (or even inside the helmet stripe!). Problem is on the 2-D helmet you really wouldn't see most of these due to the curvature of the helmet. If you adjusted the shape of the number enough to resemble its appearance on a curved gradient, you likely wouldn't be able to tell what it was.

Long story short, we wanted to avoid cluttering up the helmets. Please feel free to peruse the "About..." and the "FAQ" sections regarding other situations like these.

Now, if someone out there would like to come up with 3-Dimensional rotating helmets that show all angles clearly, they are more than welcome to contact us. I'm sure Rob could figure out a way to incorporate them into our images.

Thanks for your submission. We'll keep it in mind in case we ever do decide to augment our site in that direction.
Bill Schaefer

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