Some thoughts on the 1925 Giants.

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Some thoughts on the 1925 Giants.

Post  bigbluelarry on Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:42 am

I've always thought the jerseys for the '25 season were pretty much the same as the alternate you have shown in the database for '33, the only difference being the absence of a number on the front. I have some pictures that I think show the blue band wrapping around the center, and the blue shoulder inserts and collar.

Here are a few I linked online, I have some a few on my computer I can email if you are interested.


12/6/25 (look closely at the mid section of the Giant defender - you can just make out the color difference of the band)

1925 (don't have specific date - but that is Hinkey Haines with the ball, who played on the '25 team)

Photos scanned from 12/6/25 game program (shows blue shoulders)


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