NY Giants white cleats... and NFL cleats in general

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NY Giants white cleats... and NFL cleats in general

Post  nybatt on Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:54 pm


I was very disappointed with the Giants' decision to switch to white tape/cleats this season. THis is not the first time the white cleats have been paired with the classic red-dominated road uniforms. They looked terrible in 1994's 75th throwback uniform scheme (not to mention the silver pants!). Tonight they will be on full display as they wear the road whites/grey pants for the first time since pre-season game 3.

In my opinion the classic/1950's-'60's Giants look was greatly diminished as the terrible late 70's and '80's white shoes have returned.

It seems that when Nike took control of the unis and teams began mixing in "team-colored" cleats the league has been on a downward spiral. Few teams were a "uniformed" team-wide colored cleat.

Reminiscing about the 1994 throwbacks... I fondly remember a Monday night Giants victory in Houston thinking... those pants are shiny silver, not the old grey I used to see in the classic NFL films! The helmets featured the "thinner" 'ny' and the original NCAA style numerals front and back. The jerseys actually had sleeves and the numbers on the sleeve rather than the shoulder. Those Northwestern road stripes looked phenomenal!

Sorry for rambling... but these white "sneakers" are killing me!!

D. Battafarano
NYFG season tickets since..... the beginning!


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Re: NY Giants white cleats... and NFL cleats in general

Post  bigbluelarry on Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:49 pm

Haha! Go ahead, ramble away, I'm with you.

I am disappointed with the full-time use of the white pants at home this year. I prefer the grey much more, and the black cleats as well.


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