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2021 GSL Rankings Reveal

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2021 GSL Rankings Reveal Empty 2021 GSL Rankings Reveal

Post  Austin Snelick Mon Jul 19, 2021 7:36 am

Now that the season is just about over, and rankings aren't going to give much away here (including in the Gridiron Bowl, since I'll give the line and win percentage anyways), it's time to reveal the team rankings.

Let's go by division

Team Offense Defense Overall
CIN: 2-6 (8 )
PEN: 6-6 (12)
TOR: 5-3 (8 )
WIS: 2-5 (7 )
Cincinnati was at 3-6 for most of the season, until the last couple weeks.
Pennsylvania had been 6-6 all year.
Toronto started 5-3, then was 4-3 for part of the year, then back to 5-3.
Wisconsin started 4-4. then was 3-4. then 3-5, and finished 2-5.

Team Offense Defense Overall
ATL: 1-2 (3 )
JAX: 1-3 (4 )
LOU: 2-2 (4 )
LSV: 6-1 (7 )
The leagues worst division actually finished with better rankings than what they started with.
Atlanta started 1-3, but was really 1-2 most of the year.
Jacksonville started 2-3, went to 2-2, and eventually back to 2-4 before finishing 1-3.
Louisiana started 1-1, and eventually got to 2-2.
Louisville was 6-1 most of the year, had a brief drop to 5-1, then got back up to 6-1.

Team Offense Defense Overall
BAL: 5-4 (9 )
MIA: 2-5 (7 )
NOR: 4-4 (8 )
WAS: 3-6 (9 )
Baltimore started 4-4, but was at 5-4 for the second half of the season.
Miami started 2-4, then went to 1-4, got all the way to 3-5, and ended 2-5.
Norfolk started at 3-5, and was 4-5 for much of the season, but dropped to 4-4 late in the regular season.
Washington started 2-6 and was 2-6 until they jumped to 3-6 in the final week of the regular season.

Team Offense Defense Overall
DAL 5-1 (6 )
MEM 6-5 (11)
SA 6-3 (9 )
STL 3-2 (5 )
Dallas started 5-1, went down to 4-1, then got back up to 5-1.
Memphis started 5-5, went to 5-4 for a week, then to 6-4, to 6-5, all early in the season, but was really 6-5 for almost the entire year.
San Antonio was 6-2 almost all year, but got to 6-3 in the final few weeks.
St. Louis started 3-2, was at 3-3 for a little bit, then went back down to 3-2.

Team Offense Defense Overall
LA: 2-2 (4 )
OAK: 1-6 (7 )
SD: 4-1 (5 )
SEA: 4-4 (8 )
Los Angeles started 1-2, and got to 2-2 by the last third of the season.
Oakland was 1-6 all year, and really over preformed their ranking.
San Diego was 5-1 most of the year, and ended the last few weeks 4-1.
Seattle was 4-3 most of the year, and ended the last few weeks at 4-4.

Team Offense Defense Overall
ABQ: 3-5 (8 )
ARZ: 6-4 (10)
COL: 3-4 (7 )
LV: 4-3 (7 )
Albuquerque started 2-5, but was 3-5 the back half of the year. They underperformed.
Arizona started 6-5, and dropped to 6-4 for the last two thirds of the year.
Colorado started 3-4, got to 3-5 in the middle of the season, but dropped back to 3-4 for the rest of the year. They're another team that looked much better than they were, up until the end.
Las Vegas started 4-2, and ended 4-3 for the second half of the season.

Pretty interesting how this all played out in the end, with Norfolk at 4-4 upsetting 6-6 Pennsylvania, in PA. The top teams did end up making it to the final 4, with Pennsylvania, Memphis, and Arizona, but, the best teams on paper in each conference ended up just short of the Gridiron Bowl. Overall, I'm happy with the way the simulation ran with these rankings. The better teams were more likely to be successful, but, it didn't always work out. Baltimore was at 5-4 most of the season, but lost many close games. Oakland, at 1-6 all year was worse on paper than Baltimore, but won 12 games and their division. Norfolk doesn't have as good of rankings as you'd think, given all the games they've won, and now that they're in the Gridiron Bowl, but really, on paper they are the 3rd best team in their division. It's just how the virtual dice roll in the end.
Austin Snelick
Austin Snelick

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2021 GSL Rankings Reveal Empty Re: 2021 GSL Rankings Reveal

Post  sfcom1 Mon Jul 19, 2021 11:14 am

I figured that Miami had to be near the top in overall defense, given how bad the offense wad. A good breakdown. On how the numbers came out.


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