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Week 2 UWFLL DII Rankings

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Week 2 UWFLL DII Rankings Empty Week 2 UWFLL DII Rankings

Post  92Mafia Thu Oct 07, 2021 11:02 am

Introducing the first edition of the UWFLL DII Rankings for the 2021 season! This is a list of the top 10 ranked UWFLL Division II teams (along with honorable mentions). The method for determining this list is a rank based on how well a team scores (PPG) and stops the other team from scoring (oPPG), which is then ranked to determine which team is the best at both aspects. Feel free to ask questions to clarify anything!

1. Raleigh Aeronauts (2-0)
Offense Rank: 7   Defense Rank: 4

2. Greenville Pointers (2-0)
Offense Rank: 2   Defense Rank: 11

3. Phoenix Crop Circles (2-0)
Offense Rank: 3   Defense Rank: 21

4. Kansas City Rattlers (2-0)
Offense Rank: 24   Defense Rank: 1

5. Cincinnati Grinders (2-0)
Offense Rank: 22   Defense Rank: 5

6. Charlotte Swords (1-1)
Offense Rank: 4   Defense Rank: T24

7. Calgary Alpines (2-0)
Offense Rank: 16   Defense Rank: 14

8. Pittsburgh Gators (2-0)
Offense Rank: 12   Defense Rank: 19

9. St. Johns Stingers (2-0)
Offense Rank: 10   Defense Rank: T24

10. Steel City Express (2-0)
Offense Rank: 16   Defense Rank: 21

HR: Baltimore Osprey (2-0)
Offense Rank: 1   Defense Rank: 41

HR: Austin Rattlers (2-0)
Offense Rank: 36  Defense Rank: 7

The Metro South looks to be a bloodbath so far this season, and while some may point to the three expansion teams openly punting the season, talent plays out regardless. It'll be interesting to see what happens when the top MSC teams start playing eachother, especially considering some of the teams' hot starts. Raleigh in particular, is off to a great start, and is the only DII team in the top-10 for both offense and defense. Outside of that, I think the Alpines and Crop Circles are off to the best starts, considering they're in the more competitive divisions. That being said, the Eastern Association looks to be the most competitive with 3 top 10 teams (and the number 1 offense), all while none of these four teams benefiting from playing an expansion team.

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Week 2 UWFLL DII Rankings Empty Re: Week 2 UWFLL DII Rankings

Post  Rob Holecko Tue Oct 12, 2021 9:45 am

Very nice, good job... The games will be back on this weekend. Today I am working on releasing the complete schedule so even if I get busy again, each week can still go off.

Thank you 92Mafia and everybody for all your help and understanding!
Rob Holecko
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