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Miami SOL 2022 End of Season Release

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Miami SOL 2022 End of Season Release Empty Miami SOL 2022 End of Season Release

Post  sfcom1 Wed Jun 29, 2022 5:00 pm

For Imediate Release...

The 2022 season concluded with a second year out of the playoffs. Hope was high as the team just missed the last years Playoffs. During the offseason the SOL updated the uniforms to a more professional look, and the buzz about the team was high, with several key returning players and new skilled rookies and veterans added to the team. But like they say "The best layed plans of Mice and Men!"

Right out of the gate major injuries and just plain bad luck struck hard. We lost several key players in the beginning of the season, and it was difficult to recover the momentum from last year. The coaching staff performed cartwheels and the training staff miracles to keep the team playing hard. But we were doomed from the start.  

Even with the Worst record in the league the SOL kept playing hard and had several positive achievments, just not enough to win games. So back to the drawing board we go. but with heads held high. We brought an exciting (if not a cardiac inducing) brand of football, and a "Never say DIE!" attitude for every game. Each and every player, gave their heart and sometimes guts on the field. For that I am proud.

We must dedicate to finding more talent in every possistion, and increased depth. A "Next Man UP!" attitude only works when you have the people to be 'Next", So to scouting we go, watching film, checking wavier wires, and preping for the 2023 GSL Draft. Looking for the players, to don the Navy Blue and Orange in the 2023 season of Miami SOL fooball!

John Nelson
Owner and President
The Miami SOL Football Team, Inc.
SFCOM Sports Properites

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