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1969 Patriots preseason

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1969 Patriots preseason Empty 1969 Patriots preseason

Post  Mako Mameli Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:43 pm

Looks like the Patriots carried the '68 uniforms into the '69 preseason

1969 Patriots preseason 1969_s10
I saved this as "1969 Sid Blanks"

- Blanks played for the Oilers in '68
- the only game between the Patriots and the Bengals in '68 was in Boston in December and:
--- the Patriots are not listed in the White at Home page for '68
--- No. 17 Mike Taliaferro did not play after the 7th game of the season
--- No. 22 in 1968 was Gene Thomas and he did not play

1969 Patriots preseason 83150915

1969 Patriots preseason 83118519

1969 Patriots preseason 83150892

The linemen in the first photo seem to have NOB, No. 44 in the second photo seems to have NNOB (maybe only veterans had NOB)

Mako Mameli

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1969 Patriots preseason Empty Re: 1969 Patriots preseason

Post  BD Sullivan Mon Jul 25, 2011 11:19 pm

The game was played at the Bowling Green University stadium on 8/10/69; Bowling Green's colors are similar to the Browns and Bengals, which explains the orange seating. It was the first exhibition game for both teams.

BD Sullivan

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