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Barefoot kickers.

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Barefoot kickers. Empty Barefoot kickers.

Post  bigbluelarry Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:12 pm

On the first Sunday without football I re-watched Super Bowl XXI. One of the memories that came back to me after watching Rich Karlis set the Super Bowl record with a 48-yard field goal was, what happened to barefoot kickers?

I've compiled ones here from memory. Feel free to add others.

Rich Karlis 1982-1990
Barefoot kickers. Rich_karlis_1984_12_30

Tony Franklin 1979-1988
Barefoot kickers. Tony_franklin_1981_11_08

Mike Lansford 1982-1990
Barefoot kickers. Mike_lansford_1986_01_04

Paul McFadden 1984-1989
Barefoot kickers. 5969011

I had thought I'd remembered Ray Wersching as barefoot, but all the photos I found of him he had two cleats.

Ray Wersching 1973-1987
Barefoot kickers. 628x471

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Barefoot kickers. Empty Re: Barefoot kickers.

Post  Market42 Sat Mar 22, 2014 11:39 am

It almost seems like the barefoot kicker was something of a 1980s fad in the NFL. Don't know why this didn't last longer.


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