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Not THAT AFL...the other ones

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Not THAT AFL...the other ones Empty Not THAT AFL...the other ones

Post  Bill Schaefer Mon Jul 21, 2014 10:09 am

I am in the very early stages of doing some research on the 1st 3 incarnations of the AFL.

For those unfamiliar with this part of football history, there were 3 earlier versions of the AFL before the league that began play in 1960 and successfully challenged the NFL to the point of inducing a merger between the two leagues in 1970.

The three early AFLs operated in
1926 -
1936-37 -
1940-41 -
While I welcome any photos the GUD faithful can uncover, I am particularly interested in...

1926 Brooklyn Horsemen (not interested in the Mitchell & Ness jersey)
1926 Chicago Bulls (Michael Jordan did NOT play for them)
1926 Newark Bears (changed nickname to Demons for their final game before folding)
1937 Cincinnati Bengals
1940 Boston Bears

I've already accumulated several dozen photos for the 3 Leagues but anything else you can find would be helpful.
Bill Schaefer
Bill Schaefer

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