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UWFFL Division II Alignment

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UWFFL Division II Alignment Empty UWFFL Division II Alignment

Post  Rob Holecko Tue Apr 20, 2021 10:11 am

Here are the 48 teams that will be participating in Fall 2020 UWFFL Simulation in the four Division II Leagues, as well as the 12 teams that will be in the Continental League.  Play began Monday for the Metro South & PCC, results will be available soon.

Teams that finish above .500 will be assured of a place to return to the league in the Fall.  

Eastern Association

Baltimore Bandits (2020 Expansion)
Boston Stars
Brooklyn Mariners
Cleveland Bearcats
Harrisburg Bulldogs
Montreal Machine
Philadelphia Union (relocated from Delaware)
Providence Steamroller
St. John's Stingers
Staten Island Swordfish
Swisshelm Express (Pittsburgh, PA)
Toledo Snipers

Metro South Conference

Carolina Krescent (Columbia, SC)
Charleston Navigators
Charlotte Swords (2020 Expansion)
Florida Geckos (Boca Raton, FL)
Greenville Pointers
Jacksonville Rhinos
Memphis Golden Hawks
Missouri Magnetic
Orlando Electricity (relocated Las Vegas Lightning)
Raleigh Aeronauts
Roanoke Giraffes
Virginia Beach Truckers

Central League

Cincinnati Grinders (2020 Expansion)
Duluth Frost Dragons
Houston Blitz (2020 Expansion)
Indiana Lynx (Indianapolis, IN)
Iowa Corn (Des Moines, IA)
Kansas City Rattlers
New Orleans Lions
Rapid City Badlanders
San Antonio Black Knights
St. Louis Slaughter
Wichita Arrows
Winnipeg Winterhawks

Pacific Coast Conference

Arizona Miners
British Columbia Lumberjacks
Calgary Alpines
Cheynne Shock
Colorado Rockies
Fresno Warriors
Portland Gamblers
Sacramento Scorpions
Salt Lake City Spikes
San Bernadino Surf (2020 Expansion)
Seattle Kings
Yellowknife Lumberjacks

Continental League

Augusta Green Jackets
Austin Rattlers
Chicago Cyclones
Connecticut Convicts (New Haven, CT)
Dallas Outlaws
Miami Cougars
Nashville Rockets
Oklahoma City Superbeasts
Phoenix Crop Circles
Pittsburgh Gators
Tampa Terror
Texas Timberwolves (Waco, TX)

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Rob Holecko

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UWFFL Division II Alignment Empty Re: UWFFL Division II Alignment

Post  Rob Holecko Tue Apr 20, 2021 10:19 am

I am going to start five separate threads -- one for each conference -- and will introduce the teams, Fall 2020 uniforms and their ownership status.

The five teams that are listed as 2020 expansion teams (have a city but no logos, nicknames or identity) are available to be adopted, as well as many of the other teams.  

Any teams that finish .500 or below will not be guaranteed return in 2021, as they compete for spots along with proposed expansion teams for Fall 2021.

Owners with multiple teams in a league may only keep control of one such team in each league in Fall 2021.  Additional teams will revert to league control and will be available to be adopted by new ownership. Teams may be realigned geographically or swapped or otherwise adjusted, if possible or necessary, to give an owner the maximum amount of teams should there be the opportunity to do so.

Any other questions or comments about teams, ownership, adoption, etc. can go in this thread.

As you will see, we have owners with multiple teams, as well as many other teams that are currently available. So there will be many opportunities to enter an expansion team or to take over an existing franchise for 2021.
Rob Holecko
Rob Holecko

Posts : 708
Join date : 2011-06-10
Age : 47

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