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The Diesel official statement

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The Diesel official statement Empty The Diesel official statement

Post  Rafael Menoncin Sun Jun 27, 2021 8:03 pm

Dallas Diesel's 2021 season has come to an end, and after several rumors about a possible relocation, the Dallas Diesel ownership confirm that the team will not remain in Texas for the next season.

Starting tomorrow, the franchise will start the relocation process, applications from cities will start this week, always following The GSL recommendations

We would also like to thank all the loyal fans who have supported the team this year and we hope that you understand our reasons for leaving Dallas.

As a tribute to our fans , We also inform  that the franchise will leave its name, logos, uniforms and colors available to GSL if it decides to relaunch the team in the next season

We hope to announce our new home soon, in the coming weeks we will be having conversations with the GSL leadership to decide the most pleasant scenario for everyone.

Sincerely,  Rafael Menoncin
Rafael Menoncin
Rafael Menoncin

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The Diesel official statement Empty Re: The Diesel official statement

Post  Austin Snelick Sun Jun 27, 2021 8:22 pm

The GSL has been preparing for such a statement to come out of Dallas, and there are plans in place in the now likely case that the Diesel move.

The name and history of the Dallas Diesel will follow the team to their new location, where ever it may be, with the name being officially retired by the league.

The GSL will require that one of the new expansion franchises will have to move to Dallas (or, alternatively, Houston), as it is an established GSL market, in a major metropolitan area, although other stadium options are going to be on the table, given the conflicts at AT&T stadium early in the season. Houston would be a second option, as the state of Texas is rich in football history, and has proven to have fan bases for spring league football, as seen in the AAF, and XFL (2020).

The current GSL possible expansion cities list is as follows, but, again, this list will change with relocations. Relocating teams must also move to a city on this list:

2022 GSL Expansion/Relocation Accepted Cities List

Birmingham, AL or Montgomery, AL
Boston, MA
Charlotte, NC *** NOTE: Norfolk has first rights to Charlotte, if they do plan a move, as it is the largest city within their current market ***
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Portland, OR
Vancouver, BC

2022 GSL Expansion Cities the GSL will be placing teams (owner, and team name/ design dependent on applying owners)
Vancouver, BC and/or Portland, OR
New York, NY and/or Boston, MA
Chicago, IL and/or Minneapolis, MN

Other cities may become available, depending on relocations or dissolvements of existing franchises.
Austin Snelick
Austin Snelick

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