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Updates to GSL logos

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Updates to GSL logos Empty Updates to GSL logos

Post  Austin Snelick Mon Aug 09, 2021 3:14 pm

With a new season on the way expanding the league to 32 teams, the GSL logo is undergoing a minor update, with larger updates to the conference logos.

The full album of GSL logos for 2022 can be found here:

The GSL logo set for 2022 has two differences to last year.
First, no more gold football version of the logo. The football will always be navy.
Second the removal of the shield as a separate logo.
A display difference is that, the GSL logo must always have a white outline on any color background.

2022 GSL logo set
Updates to GSL logos 1S6IVYH

With each conference adding another division, the conference logos also receive an update.
There are now 4 stars in each logo.
Unlike last years conference logos, all stars are to either side of each logo, making the logo easier to center vertically.
Also, the dimensions of each logo are now the same. Last years logos were not proportional, making it somewhat difficult to display the logos as the same size.

Eastern Conference
Updates to GSL logos A8bWvD4

Western Conference
Updates to GSL logos BB4TTzE
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