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1955 Browns in orange jersey?

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1955 Browns in orange jersey? Empty 1955 Browns in orange jersey?

Post  BD Sullivan Fri Jul 08, 2011 12:05 pm

I know that the Browns wore their orange jerseys in 1954, but the photo below seems to STRONGLY indicate that they also wore them for at least one game in 1955 as well. The date and opponent listed match up with what has in their listings ( My only reason for hesitation is that in checking the days before and the game accounts in all three Cleveland newspapers of that period, none of them mention the distinctive jerseys being worn. Plus, the information listed on the website comes from the same site that was lackadaisical enough to confuse the Giants and Titans in the Jack Kemp photo from 1961:

BD Sullivan

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1955 Browns in orange jersey? Empty Re: 1955 Browns in orange jersey?

Post  timmyb Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:49 pm


I'm leaning to this being the real deal. Various newspaper accounts (none of which include a photo, unfortunately) note that Otto ran a 14 yard keeper for a touchdown in this game. If you note, Graham is running just past the 10 yeard line into the end zone. The expression on his face looks like he knows he's going to score. This was played in Chicago at Soldier Field, since Wrigley Field was in use, and offered no lights. The game is dated 9/15/55, making this an exhibition.

The previous use of the Otto orange era was the 9/10/54 preseason game with the Detroit Lions at the Cotton Bowl. The only pic I 've seen from that game - interestingly enough - was also of Graham pushing himself into the end zone.


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