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1948-1955 Detroit Lions uniform history

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1948-1955 Detroit Lions uniform history Empty 1948-1955 Detroit Lions uniform history

Post  Mako Mameli Tue Apr 30, 2013 12:32 pm

I don't know if it's correct...
(source: 2008 Lions Media Guide)

Alvin ‘Bo’ McMillin joined the Lions after having success as a college coach at Indiana University. Soon after his arrival, McMillin changed the colors of the Lions’ uniforms with the new colors resembling those of his Hoosier teams. The organization retained Honolulu blue and silver as their official colors.
The jersey was scarlet with white numbers and the pants were White with a thin black stripe between two thin scarlet stripes. The helmets were black. All the players wore leather helmets that season due to the league’s ban on plastic helmets.

The team had a second, allblack uniform, which would be worn only for certain important games that Mc-Millin particularly wished to win. The jersey was black with white numbers and the pants were black with a thin scarlet stripe between two thin white stripes.

The two uniform sets ended up being worn in four different combinations (scarlet/white; black/black; scarlet/black; black/white).

The Lions returned to wearing their Honolulu blue and silver uniforms at home but continued to wear combinations of the scarlet and white uniforms and the all-black uniforms on the road. The team changed the color of their helmet to blue and some players went back to wearing plastic helmets after the NFL lifted the ban on plastic headgear from the previous season.

After wearing five different combinations of scarlet, white, black, silver and Honolulu blue in the previous two seasons, the Lions went back to wearing the traditional Honolulu blue and silver uniforms at home and on the road. For most of the 1950 season the team wore blue helmets but went back to wearing silver helmets for the 1951 season. During the early 50’s, the NFL did not allow the Lions to wear silver helmets for night games because of their resemblance to the white ball under the night lights. They spraypainted their helmets blue for night games. Also, in 1951, the Lions wore the Detroit 250th Anniversary patch on their left sleeve. The patch was also worn by the Red Wings and Tigers.

hope this helps

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