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Super Bowl XXIII Bengals

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Super Bowl XXIII Bengals Empty Super Bowl XXIII Bengals

Post  Bill Schaefer Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:38 pm

NFL Network was re-airing the Super Bowl XXIII (1988 season) today.
During a close-up of Boomer Esiason, I could clearly make out hand-written "63"s on both sides of his helmet just behind the facemask.
Running backs and linemen also had these hand-written 63s in black Sharpie marker.

According to Pro Football Archives, the Bengals had a #63 on their team that season - RT Joe Walter.

Were these "63"s a memorial or tribute to Joe because he was injured? If he was injured or being memorialized, how far back were these "63"s being worn prior to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXIII Bengals 1988-810

Super Bowl XXIII Bengals 1988-811

Super Bowl XXIII Bengals 1988-812

Super Bowl XXIII Bengals 1988-813

Courtesy of Brad Sullivan...
Walter blew out his knee (ACL) in the regular season finale. In their first playoff game against Seattle on 12/31, Esiason had those handwritten 63's written on there, while the offensive line had armbands that had 63 on them. No mention of any other teammates, so I assume they kept things the same for the AFC Championship on 1/8.
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