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Viking Throwback

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Post  Milwaukee T Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:32 pm

If anyone has the opportunity to look at and of the video from the game, it can be noticed that the yoke of the jersey is a much darker shade of purple than what the torso is.
Milwaukee T
Milwaukee T

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Viking Throwback Empty Re: Viking Throwback

Post  Bill Schaefer Sun Oct 02, 2011 7:25 am

The helmet is definitely darker - which we have.
On this photo of AP, it appears that the shoulders are slightly lighter than the torso. This is due to the use of the 2 different materials, the smoothe polyester shoulders and the mesh of the torso. I don't think this is a concerted effort to have 2 shades.
Viking Throwback Ap10

I'm guessing that photo was taken earlier in the game as opposed to this one of Suh trying to hatch McNabb. Notice how the players' sweat (on McNabb and the mystery O-lineman at right) has made parts of the purple darker.
Viking Throwback Dm10

I feel your pain. Stuff like this always bothers me. Like 'why cant the Giants' jerseys match their helmets?' When making a Giants image I tried to copy and paste from a photo to the image to get the color right. However, when I do, their jerseys end up looking purple next to the metallic blue helmets.
Viking Throwback Bj10
Viking Throwback Nyg11

These are just rough cuts but the 1st blue swatch was taken from Brandon Jacobs' shoulder area and the second was done using #67's jersey next to the wordmark. To me, both of these come out too purple-ish to be used so I go with the intent - a true blue.
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Bill Schaefer
Bill Schaefer

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