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note about 1925 championship

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note about 1925 championship Empty note about 1925 championship

Post  KG Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:54 am

I know and understand the whole Pottsville arguement about the being "robbed" of the championship in 1925, but if you are going to put the notation about the the 25 champioship being disputed, what about other seasons that were disputed? I am thinking mainly 1921 (Buffalo), but i also think the 1920 and 26 where disputed by teams although their arguements may be less compelling than 1921. I would rather just see the team that was the declared the champions listed and not the disputed team comments. I know that perhaps offically the NFL never awarded a champion for 1925, but the Cardinals have become the de facto champions. just my thoughts thanks again for your hard work.

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