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A NY Football Giants rarity...

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A NY Football Giants rarity... Empty A NY Football Giants rarity...

Post  nybatt Sun Dec 04, 2016 12:38 pm

Greetings men...

In searching for the perfect Christmas gift...

My wife recently asked me what "throwback" Giants gear I wanted to go with my 1956 road Sam Huff jersey...

FFWD to this morning... I was watching Giants Chronicles on "Players of the 1950's"... and I saw "IT".. a very rare RED winter jacket the Giants wore in Green Bay for the Championship game during pre-game warm-ups. If anyone watches the program it is shown at the very end of the half hour during the Andy Robustelli profile.

Anyhow, forget about finding it for sale!! I can't even find an image of it after a pretty exhaustive google search!!

I know this list has its "experts".. Big BLue Larry... timmyb... bill schaeffer... etc!!!

Have any of you, or anyone else, every seen this beauty???

I'll tell you what... it is GORGEOUS!! The giants were naturally wearing their classic road white/red jerseys.. grey pants with the rare red-white-red striping... and many white sneakers..

I"m almost 100% positive it was Lambeau where they played that Championship game.. there are yellow railings visible in the stands.. and I believe that pant striping was ONLY worn during the '61 season.

Help fellas!!! Haha.

Dave Battafarano

Ps... wouldn't it be wonderful to see the Giants in Pitts today... on grass... possible rain/snow... classic grey pants, white/red jerseys... WEARING BLACK CLEATS??!!??? Oh well..


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